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Medical Innovation Center

Non-governmental organization

NGO Technopark "Medical Innovation Center" was created in 2020 to form a creative space for innovative activity in the field of medicine by combining the potentials of universities, medical institutions, businesses, authorities, and investors.

We have established a system for finding and supporting innovative projects and startups in the field of medicine, signed more than 50 memorandums of cooperation with various stakeholders, received more than 30 applications from startups, and held several online Demo Days with teams.

Now, during the war, we are engaged in various volunteer projects to help both our soldiers on the battlefront and civilian Ukrainians, who are in a difficult situation during the war.


Tactical Medical Training Course

One-day FREE training course for civilians and military personnel, volunteers and journalists – for everyone who wants to be prepared for extreme life situations.

Course programme:

  • Tactical Medicine Essentials: theoretical and practical part.

  • Medical training from a team of medical instructors: assistance with wounds and injuries; practice in small groups with dummies.

  • Psychological exercises on self-regulation of mental state.

To spread the knowledge to even more people, we have created a video course "Tactical Medicine" and published a book "Tactical Medicine" (edited by Viktor Korsak) with a circulation of 8 000 copies. We have already improved it and published the 2nd edition of the book.

13 292

people were trained

8 000

copies of the book "Tactical Medicine"

First-aid kits and tactical medical backpacks

Today, our army needs high-quality provision of full-fledged first-aid kits that meet the modern standards of tactical medicine, because they are the basis for saving the lives of wounded soldiers.

More than 80% of wounded soldiers can be saved if first aid is provided in a timely and qualitative manner, if there is a high-quality first-aid kit and elementary knowledge of tactical medicine. That is why, with the beginning of the war, one of the areas of our "battlefront" became the production of individual first-aid kits for the military, which we collect according to advanced world standards.

Training and packing are carried out by medical staff of Behealthy family clinics and volunteers.

Collecting of IFAKs is carried out by professional medical staff of the chain of family medicine clinics Behealthy and volunteers.

The war has become a powerful impetus for the development of everything related to combat, so we sew and collect unique tactical backpacks for military medics, which are designed to heal up to 40 wounded soldiers. This is a good option for a combat medical instructor whose task is to urgently provide emergency care.


first-aid kits formed

3 534

tactical medical backpacks

Production of Tourniquets

The first emergency aid during massive bleeding is to stop the flow of blood from the wound site with the help of bleeding stop means. Such equipment, particularly tourniquets, are in short supply on the battlefront. Thus, we established the production of hemostatic tourniquets MIC (Medical Innovation Center).

The MIC tourniquet is registered in the State Service of Ukraine on Medicines and Drugs Control under the number 11083, it is certified and corresponds to the specifications TU U 32.5 - 44037223 - 001:2022 (UA. PN. 191.0688-22).

We put these tourniquets in individual first-aid kits and tactical medical backpacks. We also use them for training during our Tactical Combat Medical Training courses.



Medical Frameless Soft Stretchers

Frameless stretchers – a device for transporting and evacuating injured soldiers. We sew them according to the NATO standards. Stretchers are included with tactical medical backpacks, are in a convenient cover and made of special dense water-repellent fabric.

When unfolded, it is a flat horizontal surface, equipped with special handles for ease of carrying and firm fixation in the hands. Stretchers are equipped with belts that are adjustable and additionally fix the victim in the area of the chest and legs.

Our stretchers have proven themselves perfectly in combat conditions. They are strong and reliable, light and compact.

1 849

soft stretchers